Welcome to Whine Country

by Thetan

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Available in 7" format at www.audio-rat-poison.com


released February 22, 2012

Drums: Chad L'Plattenier
Bass & Vocals: Dan Emery

Recorded by Dan Emery and Shibby Poole in May 2011
Mastered by Dan @ Black Matter Mastering




Thetan Nashville, Tennessee

Started early 2011. Hardcore Drum n' Bass. For Shizzle.

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Track Name: Brown Clouds of the Shitstorm
Our actions as empty as the Mary Celeste. Our wars will end when they put us to rest.
Track Name: Hurt Feelings
This well has turned up dust as you pull your pail from it
Then turn and walk away so fast it makes me sick.

No, I'll never go away, just like the mess you made

Is pacifism actively ignoring your problems?
Or are you too fucking stupid to try and resolve them?
Track Name: Sardonic Laughter
The point's defiant of itself
A lapse in evolution defined
We sacrifice our lives for wealth
The stagnant nature of our kind

The pace moves on

We've evolved into a creature
So reflectant of it's own
Dwell on our weakest features
And neglect to tend to our homes

The least funny joke
Of fashion and lust
Factory smoke
And the punchline is us.
Track Name: Lowest Common Denomination
With idols cast in gold
The future's set in stone
Our fate has been foretold
Yet still remains unknown

The altar
The virgins child
The effigy
The holy bile

I'd rather die unsure
Even if I'm impure

Don't wait for others to decide for you
Track Name: The Great Disappointment
The crashing of years brings the finest change
Like comets pounding to the earth
Humans affect only what we can touch
Til our farmlands harvest only dirt

We can't control the design
We're at the mercy of nature
We have to go where it takes us

All the manipulations in the world can't up our odds
It's far more powerful than we
We boast none
Track Name: The Serpent
There's a traphouse down the road
Where true happiness is barely known

Watch out, if you're gonna fall for anything it better not be this
Watch out, if the crack epidemic sounds fun you're on their list
Track Name: DNR
I've lived life in your neverending presence
Like trees leaves spread from sea to sea
That gaping maw filled with everything that's tangible overwhelms me
Though with stride we carry on throughout our journey
And from time to time we find our place
Yet I yearn for the day that I can be back in your grace

Oh Death, I'd never betray your name
Track Name: The Parasite
I'll wear the chains all for your gain
The only change I see is from that which I beg
But in times of desperation it's your ass that will pay
Cause this shit can only stack so high til it crashes down on you
Track Name: Most Loyal Friend
Just like a piece of trash that your gonna throw away
You're casually harboring a life
That kennel's always locked and their always on that chain
And that shit between your ears cannot compute that in another land

Don't get it fucked up
You're just as vulnerable
You know you can't transcend death

It's only morbid when it's you
Track Name: Killing the Sacred Cow
Such logic, beautifully profound
It's just a shame it can't be seen
The essence of all that we resound
Obscured by ethics, compromise cannot be deemed

Covet the message behind punkrock facades
And create a notion that's more sacred than God
Unspoken ideals help no one
Deny exposure to those outside our masses
Til the sounds from our mouths mimic those from our asses
We contradict all that we've done

It's not a gang
There is no elitist glory
And I'm not in your club