Laughed At By The Gods

by Thetan

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released May 26, 2014

We are: Chad L'Plattenier: Drums and Dan Emery: Bass/Vocals

Recorded by Dan Emery. Assisted by Shibby Poole and Zachariah Orbin
Mastered at Black Matter Mastering (
Cover Photo by Ericka Poore

LP released on..
Anti-Corp (
Burnt Bridges Records (

Cassette released on..
Failed Recordings (




Thetan Nashville, Tennessee

Started early 2011. Hardcore Drum n' Bass. For Shizzle.

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Track Name: Laugh Track To Your Life
war follows war fueled by ignorance and greed
all to satisfy the desires for the shit that we don't need
when our foundation of structure is built on all the things we own
we entomb ourselves in prisons and become buried in our homes

the last sound you'll hear is me chuckle
Track Name: Into The Briar Patch
past the swarms of neon lights
the hole we live in, our private sect
beyond the hordes of stereotypes
fenced in like prisons, housing projects

down that rabbit hole
impoverished image, beyond control
around the crackhouse stroll
where death's a privelage, and life's a toll

it doesn't define me, but this place has always been home
Track Name: Pride Swallowed
the best of times are far behind, but a compromise would ease my mind
Track Name: Displacement
childhood killed by the state, as caseworkers smile and cash in their penchant
how many times does it take, for children to suffer as shit goes unmentioned
it's written off as your career, yet fail to observe the hideous truth
to strip away the magical years, the fortified walls the ruins of youth

your noble invasion is a fucking ruse
you cash your paycheck and cover up abuse

since it's inception the foster care system's been fucked
those yet unfit are rendered legit
to care for a child who's homelife before that was rough
they cover it up because it's too much
...too much paperwork
Track Name: A Part Of Something Much Larger Than Ourselves
watch the world but take just a glimpse as lesser beings
set ego down if still not convinced of what you're seeing

like fleas on the ass of the world
our limited sight, there's no way to tell what's beyond it
a life as a spec, our radars detect
what we cannot grasp as we find it
our view from afar, it's only a part
a mass that exceeds our minds boundries
what we've grown to know is only the start

a pattern that goes on forever
like a swarm of electrons that orbit the sun
all matter's composed of particles
and who's who to say that we are not one
Track Name: The Grand Denouncement
Dear self appointed border guard,
your citezenship is up for debate
Track Name: Medicine In The Water
the strongest opposition is one that can get inside you
before you could even tell that it's there

too sick to fight

the facts that are given are only there to divide you
then laugh in your face as if you even care

the truth is implied

it's all downhill from here, the gears are in motion
Track Name: No Shivah
alive, if only for now, lying awake in our finest hour
victoriously suppressiong our urgent despair
but why? when monument's fall
clear results of our lust for power
in light of it all, we don't fucking care

i can't feel shit
Track Name: Moment Of Weakness
introspection should be a sin
the ugliest sights, I've seen within
life is a dream, there be no mistaking
a nightmare it seems til death's awakening

my moment of weakness is a lifetime in the making
Track Name: Serenity Now!
in droves like livestock
unknown to mind slock
Track Name: Collateral Damage
at fault
like some scarlet letter
the screaming won't stop
an absence would be better
but always at fault
Track Name: Penance
a tithing of words i offer unto thee
inspiring the worst of foolish prophecies

and now, your crown...

the monarch of a kingdom to glorify the dead
sit high upon your throne and place a turd upon your head
Track Name: When In Rome/The Coldest, Darkest Place On Earth
-When In Rome-
i don't really care
where the left hand path will take me
i'm already there
wide open to be forsaken
betrayed and despised
by common men with their wraths of fear
for what can't be seen with the eyes
the burden weighing of 2000 years

when in rome
go fuck thyself

-The Coldest, Darkest Place On Earth-
the sight of your head smashed to the bone
would give me all the strength to put a bullet in my own

this is me at my zenith